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;ECM 206
31 July 2011 | 1:54 PM


* Using a frustum of a cone.

* The container filled with concrete in three layer.

* Each layer is tamped 25 times with standard steel rod.

* After filling, the cone is slowly lifted and the unsupported concrete will now slump.

* The decrease in the height is measured.

* The value of slump changes with time after mixing owing to normal hydration process and evaporation of some of the free water.

* The test performed within a fixed period of time.

* Also advisable to delay testing for around 10 min after the addition of water to allow for the absorption of water by dry aggregate.

* Important points in doing the slump test are:

o Before every test, wet the inside of the mould and its

o base to minimize the effect of surface friction on the

o “slump” value.

o Before lifting the mould, clean the area immediately

o around its base of accidently-dropped

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