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my heartbeats :)
16 September 2012 | 3:39 PM

assalammualaikum :) here i just want to share about my feels to my beloved one. one thing that i want u to know that i really miss u.

1. Both sides see the relationship as an opportunity to give
One of the basic relationship problems is selfishness. How does selfishness occur? Selfishness occurs when someone focuses more on getting rather than giving. The more someone focuses on getting, the more selfish he becomes. That’s why the willingness to give is essential for good relationships. Both of us should see the relationship as an opportunity to give. This is the foundation upon which the other points below are built.

2. Both sides are willing to change
Nobody is perfect but everyone can grow up. In a good relationship, both sides are willing to change. They realize that they are not perfect and there is still a lot of room for improvement. Instead of blaming their partner when something goes wrong, they look inside to see if there is something they can change. When both sides have this attitude, the relationship grows stronger and stronger.

3. Both sides are willing to admit mistakes
In a good relationship, both parties aren’t afraid to admit mistakes. Instead of being defensive, they openly admit the mistakes they make. They can then work together to correct the mistakes. This, of course, is not easy to do. It takes a humble heart to admit mistakes.

4. Both sides are willing to listen first
In a good relationship, both sides are good listeners. They are willing to understand their partner’s position first before trying to get understood. Doing this is much easier when both sides see the relationship as an opportunity to give.

5. Both sides support each other
Not only are both sides willing to listen, but also they give what their partner needs. The law of reciprocity states that when we do good to others they will also do good to us. We reap what we sow. By supporting each other, both sides in the relationship get what they need.

6. Both sides are open to each other
Misunderstanding is one of the basic relationship problems. That’s why it’s essential that both sides are open to each other. When they have something they don’t like about their partner, they should communicate it rather than just keeping it in their heart. Of course, they should do so in a respectful way so as not to offend their partner.

7. Both sides have integrity
In a good relationship, both of us should act in line with what they think and say. They keep their promises and always fulfill it. This is important because they can trust each other. This trust makes the relationship strong and always happy. :)

don't make me sad once dear. coz it really hurt :'(

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